2010 Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Awards Symposium (URCAA)
Speaker Session Webcasts

Florida State Conference Center - Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Room 201 Speakers

  1. Design of a Variable Stiffness Leg for Dynamic Running
    Duncan Haldane
  2. Cross-Cultural Psychology: Marriage Conformity in Iraq
    Avan Aziz
  3. Navigating the Swarm: An Oral History of Filipino World War II Veterans after the 1946 Rescission Act and Their Movement Toward Equity
    Alexis Diao
  4. The Cost of Safety: Negotiating the Trade-off Between Refuge and Growth in Pinfish
    Christopher Matechik
  5. A Study of Calcium Carbonate Accretions at Kalamianos, Greece
    Jonathan Dupree

Room 214 Speakers

  1. Navigating a New Approach to Shakespeare in Performance: A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Jennifer Acker
  2. Sugar Analysis During Enzymatic Hydolysis of Biomass
    Karina Subieta
  3. The Brothers Size: An Exploration of Yoruba Tradition and Homosexual Culture in the African-American Community
    Al Heartley
  4. Microfinance as a Strategy for Poverty Reduction
    Stephanie Moline Benoit
  5. Photoinduced Dynamics of CdTe Nanoparticles Studied by Time-Resolved Spectroscopy
    Andrew Attar

Room 205 Speakers

  1. Los Fantasmas de España: A Cultural Memory of Repression
    Dayron Silverio
  2. Analyzing Photoproduction Data of the CB-ELSA Experiment to Establish Missing Hadronic Resonance States
    Matthew Szmaida
  3. Vocal Cues of Pair Stability in Cooperative Lance-Tailed Manakin Males
    Megan Mayo
  4. The Period of the Twist of an Elliptic Curve
    Vivek Pal
  5. Not Oz
    Joni Wildman