2013 Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence
Speaker Session Webcasts

Florida State Conference Center - Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Bridging the Gap: Exploring Education Abroad Through Art and Anthropology
Katrina Crankshaw and
Lee Anne Steers

School Choice and Segregation in Florida
Elizabeth Martin

Women's Empowerment Through Marketing
Matthew A. Prince

"His Panic":
Latin-American Poetry in Translation

Daniel Ruiz

Enzymatic Hydrolysis Kinetics
Sean Tacey

Random Stability of Bose-Einstein Condensates
Kelly Ann Pawlak

Are Mice with Gene-Targeted Deletion of the KV1.3 Ion Channel Suitable Behavioral Models of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder?
Carlie Hoffman

"It's Not Gay if They Don't Touch", Challenging Heteronormative Empire and Countering the "Closeting of History" Through Art
Isabella Steele

Live Encounters: Performance in Museums
Lauren Hlubny

The Dynamics of the Distribution of Predators in an Enclosed Reserve in South Africa
Kristin Engebretsen

Maybe She Likes It: A Web Comic Exploring Internet Technology And Gender Equality
Lena Weissbrot

Synthesis of a Diazene Core to Target Sulfinic Acid
Lexi Morgan

Zymosan Fungal Infection Induces Nucleosome Distributions in the Innate Immune Response
Olivia Gruder

Integrative Community Service, Dialogue, and Race Relations
David Cromer