2012 Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Awards Symposium (URCAA)
Speaker Session Webcasts

Florida State Conference Center - Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Click on any room for live viewing of the webcast. All webcasts begin at 6:00pm.

Room 114 Speakers

  1. Evolution of Yuchi Culture & Origin Myths
    Jordan Devine
  2. A quantitative understanding of human t-cell receptor recognition of mhc-peptide complexes
    Daniel Stribling
  3. Fair Trade Tea and Sustainable Development among Indigenous Peoples of Amazonian Ecuador
    Samantha Wood
  4. Breaking B.A.D.
    Nora Waryoba

Room 201 Speakers

  1. Trafficked Through the Center: A Look at Human Trafficking in Guatemala
    Joseph Labelle
  2. Extreme Right Wing Ideology and Crimes Against Humanity in Norway
    Colin Jacobsen
  3. Developing Novel Ways to Detect Potentially Mutagenic Nucleosides in Genetic Hotspots
    Sofia Fernandez
  4. Unlocking Childhood Gender Codes Through Movement
    Desiree Amadeo

Room 214 Speakers

  1. Environmental Enrichment in Mice: Its Potential to Prevent Epigenetic Transmission of Early Life
    Megan Frugoli
  2. An Assessment of Cooperative Development and Capacity Building in Rwanda
    Melissa Beaudry, Vlad Dandu & Michael Suarez
  3. A Transcription and Preliminary Analysis of the Ancient Latin Translation of Book Six of Josephus' The Jewish War
    Chelsea Leach
  4. Prosecuting Atrocity Crimes: Comparing the Use of International and Domestic Courts in Trying Leaders for Human Rights Violations
    Erin Fabrizio

Room 205 Speakers

  1. Textual Revolution and Multimodality
    Jacob Gibbons
  2. Is Late Replication Necessary for G9a-Mediated Methylation to Occur?
    Ornob Alam
  3. "The Blood of Africa Runs Deep in Our Veins." Transnational Identity and International Solidarity in Cuba
    Taylor Lee
  4. "Frenchtown, Tallahassee - The Comic Book": Journalistic Comics, Visualizing Urban Renewal, "Blurred Areas" of Reporting, and Journalism in Context of the Journalist
    David Tiegen