2015 President's Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence

Florida State Conference Center - Monday, September 28, 2015
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Opening Remarks and Recognitions

John Thrasher, President, FSU and Jean P. Tabares, President, FSU SGA and
Dr. Karen Laughlin and Dr. Joe O'Shea

Cocaine's Effect on the Human Genome
Cole Friedes

DNA Sequencing for Detection of Gene Mutations in Oncogenic Kinase TOPK in Human Cancer Cells
Reema Tawfiq

Determining the Genetic Network of Primary Microcephaly Disease (MCPH)
Barbara Dietrick

The Development of a New Class of Fluorescent Organic Molecules
Joseph Accardo

The Edelweiss Pirates: Delinquency and Resistance in Nazi Germany
Ryan Reilly

History, Memory and Revolutionary Authority in Eighteenth-Century France and America
Harrison Diskin

Analysis of Humeral Trochlear Angles as Possible Biological Sex Characteristic
Alexa Pennavaria

Anti-Predator Behaviors in Nocturnal Prosimians at the Duke Lemur Center
Cody Moser

Army Suicide: Number of Deployments and the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide
Daniel Hubbard

Nanoparticle-Peptide Suspension Dynamics Using Diffusing-Wave Spectroscopy
Jason Madinya

Remodeling the Genome: The First Live Fluorescent Images of How the Human Genome Responds to a Stimulus
Ashley Ward

A Comparison of Child Welfare Internships vs. Non Child Welfare Internships
MacKenzie McDougall

City of Light: An Exploration of History on the Stage
Danielle Wirsansky

Four Words
Drexston Redway

The Use of a Mobile-Based Decision Support System in Agriculture: An Interpretive Case Study in Southwest and Central Bangladesh
Omar Ismail

Music Education and Social Work: A Case Study of the Guri Santa Marcelina
Sylvia Aycock

Art and English Learning in Perception and Practice: Case Study in Rural India
Gabriela Fulginiti

Skillset of Women in Tafi Atome, Ghana
Ljubica Nikolic

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