Fall GAP Competition - Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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8:10 amGreen Chemical Synthesis of Nitrate and Hydrogen Peroxide for Organic Farming Using Low Temperature Ambient Pressure Gas/Liquid Plasma Reactors
Presenter: Dr. Bruce Locke
8:35 amDetection of Food Ingredients Derived From Animal Blood
Presenter: Dr. Peggy Hsieh
9:00 amLightweight, Elastic, and Conductive NanoCarbon Foam
Presenter: Dr. Mei Zhang
9:25 amFast Electromechanical Disconnect Switching Chamber with Integrated Drive Mechanism
Presenter: Dr. Lukas Graber
10:00 amLuminescent Molecular Thermometers: A New Technology for Remote Temperature Sensing
Presenter: Dr. Biwu Ma
10:25 amAdaptive Sampling Based Model Predictive Control
Presenter: Dr. Emmanuel Collins
10:50 amSmart Gesture Control Interface
Presenter: Dr. Tao Liu